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Somatic awakening programs guiding you to unlock your somatic soul code...and unleash unbound wellness, unabashed prosperity, and unapologetic authenticity



Systematically replace cycles of dysregulation and despair with a foundation of inner wisdom and zen.

​A full reboot, realignment, and rebuilding of your inner and outer world to support a complete evolution of self

Research-backed approaches to heal and transform you emotional, physical, and spiritual states

Rewire your chronic fear and trauma cycles by learning to feel safe in your body through somatic-based exercises.

...and more!

More profound healing is nearly impossible when you're drowning in emotions, sickness, and dysregulation. No matter how much you try or money you've thrown at coaches, therapists, doctors, or programs, nothing has helped. I built this program for you - to help you identify and heal your neurobiological, somatic, and subconscious triggers and patterns and integrate fragmented trauma into your core self. From this foundation, the awakening and transformation you've always dreamed will be possible.

From Zero to Zen AF

I'm ready to get zen

Awakened Wealth & Worth

The program for elite, successful soulblazers to unleash unshakable, unbound wealth & worth from a deeply aligned, authentic, purpose-fueled place...

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Wealth and worth become driven by embodied inner wisdom

​Learn to possess impenetrable self-wealth, self-worth, and self-love to guide your life, work, and decisions

Access unlimited, guilt-free abundance, prosperity, and power from your body's inner wisdom

​Expand exponentially as you heal your wealth and worth wounds

Unearth, release, and reprogram intergenerational, childhood, collective, societal, past life wealth wounds to unleash unshakable wealth by healing your somatic success code. 

through this course you'll be able to...

Make decisions decisively with trust, wisdom, and knowing

Create deeply authentic, meaningful, secure relationships 

Be present in every moment, allowing all emotions and thoughts to fall away that drag you into the past or future

Feel deep comfort, safety, and peace in your body, mind, and soul 

Know how to use your body's wisdom and messages to heal yourself now and for the rest of your life

....and much more!!!

This unique method provides you with a deep connection to your inner self, your body’s wisdom, and truth. From this place of connection and centeredness your trauma triggers, dysfunctional thoughts, and emotional patterns, chronic pain, toxic relationships - and everything else preventing you from thriving - will begin to fall away. Beyond that, you'll peel back layers of trauma you've never before unearthed to unveil your authentic self. This supports a profound transformation, awakening your true self.

The Truth Catalyst Path

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Alex R

I would've spent $1 million on this program

I've done a 180 from being a shell of myself. I don't remember how much I spent on this program, but had it been $1M I would've done it because where I'm at in this stage of my journey I never imagined possible.


Zahara can heal you when nothing else can

After two years of seeing multiple psychiatrists, psychologists, trying every medicine known and a full cycle of TMS treatments Zahara took me from suicidal to thriving in less than a year.


The benefits are worth it 10x over

I didn't expect changes so quickly. Each week, a different part of me was changing, and I feel more whole. I'm able to be in the present moment which has been a blessing both professionally and personally. And I feel a much deeper sense of love toward myself. 


I'm not afraid of my darkness anymore

The biggest thing for me from childhood was feeling so neglected. But I'm not afraid of the void, the emptiness, of not existing. And I'm not ashamed of anything anymore and I know who I am. 


The best 3 months of my life

These 3 months were hard...but the best 3 months I've ever spent. I haven't felt this way my entire life. I feel so myself and authentic and powerful in how I feel about myself. 


This program will pay itself back for years 

I was very apprehensive at first. I didn't want to spend the money, subconsciously stir up pain, but this is the best the I could've done. Not only have I healed my illness, but my self-worth was found in other people, but now I've taken my power back. 


Thank you for being a critical spiritual guide on my journal to financial abundance!

Zahara has divine knowledge. She doesn't say too much but when she does it's from the Universe. She's helped create a crack in my idea of what's possible financially.

Now I'm breaking through my limited ceiling. Today my company was awarded a $225k contract with the 8th largest pharma co in the world!


My Ulcerative Colitis is in remission for the 1st time ever

My doctor was shocked when he found no traces of Ulcerative Colitis in me for the first time in my life. Thank you! You fixed my colon!


I'm able to be my authentic self

Day-to-day situations were wrecking my life before. Now I can drop into presence and just be. I have a freedom I've never had before. It's a completely new way of being.

Ready to transform trauma & awaken to your true self

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Yes! I'm so ready



Countless times, I have witnessed the our indelible human capacity to heal. I have seen proof that our trauma and suffering are portals for transformation. 

It is in our darkest moments we have the greatest capacity for change...all we need is a little courage and resilience. Because every one of us possesses a powerful ability to heal that's waiting to be unleashed.