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You will have access to the Zero to Zen AF private community. Receive support from your peers throughout the course and beyond. When you're stuck, feeling unmotivated, or want to share a breakthrough, this is the place to expand beyond your old self.

The Trauma Trigger Toolkit

Regain equanimity and calm through awareness. Become aware of signs and symptoms causing dysregulation, identify stress baseline and current symptoms, spend one month tracking dysregulation, set goals and vision for healing, and more. 

Somatic Awareness Workbook

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Join me for bi-monthly mini-workshops to gain insight into healing trauma, chronic pain, chronic illness, anxiety, self-love, self-worth, and much more...from a psychology, somatic and spiritual perspective. Click the image for content.

Group Sessions & Mini-Workshops

Want it all? Be sure to sign up for my (mostly) weekly emails where I drop dharmic downloads and insights into healing and any other new releases coming your way. Click the image to find my newsletter form and be sure to sign up!

Dharmic Downloads

Want to go deeper?

Are you ready to begin the journey into healing?
Apply for a free, 30-minute introductory session for The Truth Catalyst Path. Learn more about that journey here and apply if this program feels aligned with your needs.

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Somatic Discovery Session


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