Perhaps you feel like I did for much of my childhood and early adulthood: completely consumed by depression, self-doubt, chronic pain, hopelessness, and an inability to dream.

Never did I think I’d be where I am today - a healthy, awakened soul, fulfilling my dharma. 

Early in my career, I was halfway through my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at one of the most competitive psychology programs in the US, the disease rendered me nearly disabled. Too sick to see patients, to walk, to leave my house, I knew it was time to take a hiatus and focus on healing. Unfortunately, no treatments doctors had offered in 23 years had helped the disease, or me, to heal.

The illness crippled not only my body but my ability to thrive. Although I had never dreamt of a future for myself, some voice inside told me it was time to get better for good, this time. So I stepped outside of traditional Western medicine for the first time in my life. All of my experience and expertise told me it was time to connect my mind and body.

Working with a somatic therapist, I was able to release the roots of the disease that had been trapped in my body for decades. I built a life design that supported total wellness in mind, body, and spirit. And as a result, the illness went into remission within a year.

At the age of 27, I was healthy for the first time in my life. 

For the first twenty-five years of my life, darkness consumed me; a rare, crippling autoimmune illness - Behcet’s Disease, years of hospitalizations, the resulting medical trauma, toxic family dynamics, and covert childhood sexual abuse.

My Story


transformation boss
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I consider myself....

With my newfound freedom, I left everything I knew; my life, my career, and my hometown, to travel the world. It was no accident; a walking spiritual and epigenetic miracle, I had transformed a debilitating illness into my superpower by healing trauma buried deeply in my body.  

I spent nearly a decade living overseas, immersing myself in learning and teaching ancient spiritual healing modalities. Not too long into my journey, an NDE (near-death experience) sent me into a multi-year kundalini awakening and enlightenment. 

The awakening enlivened my intuitive healing abilities and guided me to my dharma, my work as The Truth Catalyst.

The Truth Catalyst Method is founded on my clinical psychology experience (both research and with patients), in combination with the unprecedented proof that trauma is held in the body and leads to long-term, negative outcomes: emotional maladaptation, chronic illness, chronic pain, addiction, mental illness, general life difficulties, re-traumatization. More than 75% of people will experience some form of trauma in their life.

Trauma often can lead to transformation & awakening.
That was not only my personal experience. In research on the topic, the majority of people who have survived trauma have said that the experience has led to some form of growth or transformation.

The method I have created unearths trauma in a way that is non-confrontational and supportive, guiding clients to connect to their inner wisdom, inner child, and early memories. By leveraging the deep connection with the body and inner truth, profound transformation results. Ultimately, the goal with every client is not only to heal but to awaken to your authentic self and your life’s dharma.

This work is ultimately for those seeking deep healing and transformation through trauma, to achieve abundant wellness, purpose, and integrated spirituality. 

The Truth Catalyst


Spent two years training in a one-on-one mentorship. While I have trained in Somatic Therapy during grad school and more recently through other programs (Peter Levine, etc), my in-depth, customized mentorship with my Somatic Therapy trainer informs a lot of my work today.


Dissertation: Somatic & Psychological Effects of Chronic Illness in Children: The Cleveland Clinic

Published: "The Relationships Between Chronic Illness & Management of Psychosocial Problems in Pediatric Primary Care", Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 2005
Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program
 Specialized in Developmental Psychology & Trauma. 

Received Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology

Clinically-based mindfulness meditation training.

Child Psychotherapist In-Training, Akron Children’s Hospital Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics,

Trauma-Informed Therapy, Kent State

Timeline + Expertise

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Roots of The Truth Catalyst

The opportunity of my life

Clinical Psychology PhD Program

Somatic Therapy Research


Somatic Therapy Training

Trauma-BASED work


1997-2001: Trauma therapy work at  outpatient psychotherapy clinic

2000: Childhood trauma work, renowned childhood trauma center (Akron Children’s) 

2015-2021: Trauma-focused transformation and awakening work 


Expat + Soulmate


Backpacked around the world, then lived in Asia: Thailand, Bali, India, Vietnam (primarily) working with clients, teaching yoga..

Studied healing modalities with renowned gurus.

Met my soulmate in Thailand & returned to the US....for now....

Spiritual Awakening Expert


Had an NDE (near death experience) while rock climbing in Asia, which led to a multi-year kundalini awakening. For me, this was a true post-traumatic transformation. Just prior to the NDE, I had lived through the Dark Night of The Soul. 

Towards the end, I felt complete Ego Death and experienced rebirth. 



After leaving my PhD program, my sole focus was healing. I found a healer outside of Western Medicine , and for the first time in my life  - ever -  my body became healthy, my mind at ease, my soul free. From there, I could do anything!