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Success can shield us from our wounds...

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When you're financially secure but your business growth is limited by your need for control, overwhelm, people pleasing, and other patterns...

Break free from the control your wealth and worth wounds have over you...and begin living a rich, worthy, soul-drenched life with our Somatic Wealth Code Series

because having more money won't heal wealth wounds

Transform your
Wealth Wound Patterns

Transform yourWealth Wound Patterns

expansion, ease, & exponential growth

in business & life

Denying your needs to please everyone else, which has led to overwhelm, resentment, anger, and burnout

Controlling every aspect of your life and business out of an unconscious need to keep a deep part of you feeling safe...leaving no room for well-being, wealth, or wisdom

Self-sabotaging every time you get close to taking steps towards your life-changing goals or the next giant leap to success because of past programming

You already possess all the inner wisdom you need for...

but you've been...

Brittany // tech founder & podcaster

Thank you for being a critical spiritual guide on my journal to financial abundance!

Zahara has divine knowledge. She doesn't say too much but when she does it's from the Universe. She's helped create a crack in my idea of what's possible financially.

Now I'm breaking through my limited ceiling. Today my company was awarded a $225k contract with the 8th largest pharma co in the world!

Kelley // self-trust coach

I made more money last month than I could've ever dreamed!

I cannot recommend this partnership enough. I made more money last month than I could've ever dreamed. And I can now trust that I am really good at it!

Estelle // C-level exec

Confidence to land the dream job I had always wanted...

I learned that part of the healing was reprogramming and learning new ways to talk to myself. This allowed me to regain self-worth, which gave me the confidence to land the dream job I had always wanted but never before felt I deserved.


M //

Now I can focus on growing the business and hitting my goal of $10M this's so freeing

All these changes are allowing me to be more creative in my business, which I haven't had for the longest time. It feels so good. And it's allowed me to let my partner to leave the business, which I couldn't before. Now, I can focus on growing the business and hitting my goal of $10M this year, which is what I want. It's so freeing.

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