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you're on the precipice of exponential growth when you're painfully aware of your toxic patterns

- Zahara

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our pain can, and must, be used as a tool for transformation

- Zahara

Brittany // tech founder & podcaster

Thank you for being a critical spiritual guide on my journal to financial abundance!

Zahara has divine knowledge. She doesn't say too much but when she does it's from the Universe. She's helped create a crack in my idea of what's possible financially.

Now I'm breaking through my limited ceiling. Today my company was awarded a $225k contract with the 8th largest pharma co in the world!


I made more money last month than I ever dreamed!

I cannot recommend this partnership enough. I made more money last month than I could've ever dreamed. And I can now trust that I am really good at it!


Confidence to land the dream job I always wanted...

I learned that part of the healing was reprogramming and learning new ways to talk to myself. This allowed me to regain self-worth, which gave me the confidence to land the dream job I had always wanted but never before felt I deserved.


Now I'll hit my goal of $10M this year!

All these changes are allowing me to be more creative in my business, which I haven't had for the longest time. It feels so good. And it's allowed me to let my partner to leave the business, which I couldn't before. Now, I can focus on growing the business and hitting my goal of $10M this year, which is what I want. It's so freeing.