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Take a deep breath and imagine...

Setting boundaries with of love, free of guilt

Creating deeply authentic, meaningful relationships

Making decisions with decisiveness, trust, and conviction

Showing up present, embracing every moment

Rising every day full of excitement for what's to come

Unleashing and fulfill your life's purpose

Rewriting maladaptive patterns and beliefs your life and business



That today might just be filled with magic, freedom, peace...
And zero drama - or trauma - for that matter.

But then you're quickly set straight.
A pit of fear grinds in your stomach...

A dose of overwhelm and exhaustion set in. 

You want to crawl back under the covers (forever).

but why would today be any different?


You've tried it All

Nothing and no one has been able to help...Not doctors, therapists, coaches, self-help books.

Still, you consider a morning workout...or that meditation you've been meaning to do. Mantras?

Ugh. Why would you bother? You feel like crap, none of this has helped so far, why would it today?

You just need to shape up, get in shape! and get it together already *screams to self inside head*

Instead, you skip your morning routine in lieu of a daily dose of 

self-criticism with a side of coffee



You're emotionally, physically, and spiritually tapped

We'll do today tomorrow...

Reached your breaking point a long time ago.

Financial freedom, your dream business...
even a fucking vacation feel completely out of reach.
They seem like complete BS, in fact.

Good chat, Self.

Let's settle into a snuggle with furbaby and Netflix.


Feel familiar?

sure, you've achieved success

sure, you've achieved "success"...

It's feeling a little more like you're stuck in a cycle that's

Given rise to dysfunctional patterns
Creating cycles of despair
Leaving you in a pit of hopelessness
Triggering emotional dysregulation
Setting off fight-flight-or-freeze
and so much more...

Until all that's left is a shell of
your once-brilliant, shining soul.

And it's riddled with toxic, noxious, parasitic thoughts that were never yours to begin with, a body and mind that've paid the price for the burden of suffering you've endured.

but it feels nothing like that fulfilling, flowy, freeing vibe you crave

There's a way to rebuild everything that was taken from you

and worked so dang hard for

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when you've transformed your trauma

Emboldened by the past...rather than weighed down by it

Awakened to your soul's purpose instead of drowning in ego-drama

Enlivened by your truth instead of constantly triggered 


Powered by your inner truth rather than hiding from it 

You become...

I was steeped in trauma so thick I couldn't see up from down.

I'm not gonna lie, I used to feel that way too

Sound entirely out of reach?
Like some magical woo nonsense?

Sound entirely out of reach? Like some magical woo nonsense?

So chronically ill, my body forced me to leave my PhD program

Though my clinical research focused on the link between trauma, somatics, and psychology, I still failed to see the link for myself.

I never dreamt that one day I could possibly be healthy.

Or living a purpose and soul-fueled life.

Thriving was never a consideration.

After all, I had always been chronically sick.

I resigned myself to a lifetime of pain 

I had no idea how wrong I was.

It took hitting rock bottom  to search the earth for the right healer

And then///

everything changed

I dug into my body, into the depths of my subconscious. 

I explored past lives, past generations, and unearthed toxic energy fueling my body, mind & soul.

My dormant soul awoke... 

I redesigned my life from the ground, up.
Based on my whole, healed, authentic, integrated, shining self.

And I discovered my purpose.

and rebuild your life from an awakened foundation.



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The benefits are worth it 10x over

I didn't expect changes so quickly. Each week, a different part of me was changing, and I feel more whole. I'm able to be in the present moment which has been a blessing both professionally and personally. And I feel a much deeper sense of love toward myself.

I'm able to be my authentic self.


I'm able to be my authentic self.

Day-to-day situations were wrecking my life before. Now I can drop into presence and just be. I have a freedom I've never had before. It's a completely new way of being.


This program will pay itself back for years 

I was very apprehensive at first. I didn't want to spend the money, subconsciously stir up pain, but this is the best the I could've done. Not only have I healed my illness, but my self-worth was found in other people, but now I've taken my power back. 


The best months I've ever spent in my life

These 3 months were hard...but the best 3 months I've ever spent. I haven't felt this way my entire life. I feel so myself and authentic and powerful in how I feel about myself. 

Alex R

I would have spent $1M on this program

I've done a 180 from being a shell of myself. I don't remember how much I spent on this program, but had it been $1M I would've done it because where I'm at in this stage of my journey I never imagined possible.

Somatic Awakening Program

Personalized Roadmap

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The Truth Catalyst Path




Every aspect of your story is vital to the healing process: your conscious self, subconscious patterns, your body's story, interpersonal patterns, childhood as far back as preverbal and early attachment, and the present day.

Your nonverbal communication, your energy, your spirit - your entire Self is considered, because the mission is to heal even (and especially) the parts of you that you cannot access, from which you have been afraid or hiding.



Somatic Journeys™ are Zahara's proprietary method, cultivated with a combined twenty years of traditional and holistic training, expertise, and wisdom. 

They are proven to substantially shorten the healing process from years - or decades - to mere months. 

Somatic Journeys™ will reset the nervous system, reduce stress hormones, and alleviate chronic pain, which result in the ability to remain centered, grounded, and present.



Somatic & Trauma Awakening Coaching will free you from the physical, emotional, and spiritual prison of trauma, pain, and its consequences so you can thrive and live purposefully. All of the work is supported by clinical expertise in trauma-informed care, coupled with a somatic and spiritual approach.

Clients awaken to their authentic selves and inner truths. Many move through post-traumatic awakenings as they transform from inside out.


This unique method provides you with a deep connection to your inner self, your body’s wisdom, and truth. From this place of connection and centeredness your trauma triggers, dysfunctional thoughts, and emotional patterns, chronic pain, toxic relationships - and everything else preventing you from thriving - will begin to fall away.

Somatic Journeys™

Trauma resourcing and trauma-informed tools

Inner child healing

Parts integration

Guided visualization practices

Co-regulation, plus self-regulation tools

Clinically-based mindfulness meditation

Intuition training

You will gain self-trust, self-confidence, and leave with all the techniques and inner wisdom needed to heal yourself beyond the program. 

DM "Begin" to apply

Boundary work and communication skills

Emotional regulation skills

3-6 month customized Somatic awakening / self-healer coaching

Included in Program

1.1 support

4-mo somatic & trauma-informed training program

Rewriting & reprogramming core beliefs

Shadow work




REstoring REgulation

MIlestone 1

Milestone Mission

We customize every milestone based on what you want to achieve in our work together. Your Path is highly personalized to your unique triggers, symptoms, obstacles, and the outcomes you wish to achieve.

Cultivate a deep relationship between your mind and body to build a sense of safety and self-trust.

As you learn to communicate with your body, you will begin to trust your inner wisdom.

Learn and track your trauma patterns, triggers, and what sends you into dysregulation.


gain self-regulation, inner peace through Somatic Journeys, mindfulness techniques, trauma resources and awakening tools.

Learn Somatic Journeys

Identify and begin to heal triggers 

Learn to manage dysregulation and restore WOT

Learn techniques to regain your center and inner peace

Set vision and goals for your Path


MIlestone 2

Milestone Mission

As the connection between your mind and body grows, we work to help you learn to use your body's wisdom as a tool for self-healing. As you heal trauma, shift old patterns, and learn to trust your inner wisdom, this milestone flows naturally to a degree. 

you will learn how to recognize your body's messages & the patterns it holds so you can heal & unlearn toxic patterns.

gain confidence as you learn to trust your body's messages and inner wisdom, and begin to trust your body and your ability to heal yourself.

Learn to become your own healer, guide, and coach.


Learn specific somatic embodiment tools for harnessing intuition.

Self-healing techniques

Decode somatic messages to unlearn trauma patterns

Restore your WOT

Self-trust and presence

Embodied tools for intuition

At this stage, you will have gained a more solid sense of self-trust, mind-body connection, and consistent calm, grounded presence.


MIlestone 3

Milestone Mission

Unearth trauma attachments and heal old relationship patterns that no longer serve you. Use boundaries to re-approach current relationships and create nurturing, loving, healthy bonds that nourish you rather than deplete you.

Get to the root of attachment and relationship trauma patterns from somatic and subconscious memories your body has been carrying for decades - and release them.

We will explore every relationship in your life to find where boundaries are enmeshed, blurry, or absent altogether, and make major shifts.

Start to unravel how and why past patterns and trauma has created your current toxic relationship dynamics.


Stop feeling resentful, angry, sick, exhausted by learning boundaries with specific techniques customized for you based on past patterns.

Reverse toxic relationship patterns

Create relationships with healthy boundaries

Clear communication and ability to use your voice

Awareness & ability to speak needs

Heal roots of attachment trauma


MIlestone 4

Milestone Mission

We will focus on authenticity, mindset, and rewriting your trauma blueprint and beliefs to align your belief system as you heal. As you unravel and integrate your past, your authentic self will awaken, and you will begin to lead with your inner wisdom and truth.

Unearth subconscious core trauma beliefs preventing you from knowing your true self and connecting with your inner voice.

Rebuild your healing vision from the ground-up based on everything you've learned thus far, from mindset, narrative, self-talk, and more. 

From authenticity, intuition, and your true self, speak your truth and create your life's vision.


Begin to take actionable steps to CREATE the foundation of your dream life, even if that's simply a healed version of you.

Rebuild your conscious self

Learn to know and speak your truth

Begin to live the healed vision of yourself

Start to build and live your dream life

Rewrite your core beliefs

This IS for you if:

You're seeking a lasting transformation, and you're willing to do the uncomfortable moments and do the painful work it takes to achieve it

You are ready to do the work it takes to face your darkness and pain so you can awaken to your authentic self

You are up for renegotiating and healing unhealthy and dysfunctional patterns

You've been scouring the planet to find a method to release trauma from your body...and you'll give it your all if it truly works

You expect to be cured in a week without having do do anything but show up

You know in the back of your mind you'll give up, or better yet, quit, as soon as this gets hard or painful

You have to have a certain outcome or else the entire program will be deemed a failure

You're unwilling to sit with discomfort, pain, emotion, or really any uncomfortable sensations and emotions

This is NOT for you if:

You're ready to let go of all of your maladaptive coping mechanisms and ways in which you self-sabotage

Open to cultivating inner trust even if it's currently non-existent

You're finally ready to stop being a prisoner and victim to your trauma, and instead take control over your body and life

You are open to being a powerful soul living with intention, purpose, and meaning, for and from your true self. 

You want to heal without actually having to do anything and expect a magic pill

You run at the 1st sign of resistance instead of going deeper to allow for a massive breakthrough

Since nothing has worked before, nothing can ever work and you give up before you ever even try

If every single moment of this program isn't living up to every expectation, you'll drop out because you expect perfection

DM us on IG

Connect with us on Instagram to begin the process. We are looking to learn just a little about you, what brought you here, and if your vision and goals, and ours are aligned. 

joining the path

Our application process is thorough and extensive. We only work with a highly selective number of aligned individuals.



We hear from hundred of people a day, and nearly a thousand people a week. We are unable to extend applications to everyone who reaches out to us. If you receive one, please know it is meaningful, and take the time to fill it out with intention.


Breakthrough Session

Very few individuals receive an invitation to a Breakthrough Session. This is a free call to meet with one of our Transformational Architects to dive deeper, begin enacting change, and truly determine if you're ready to embark on The Truth Catalyst Path.


begin our application process

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How long will this take? I need this like yesterday.

It takes time to release lifelong trauma, wounds, illness, and pain from your body. The amount of time depends on where you are presently in your healing journey, as well as your level of participation in The Path, your openness, your ability to move through unconscious resistance as it arises, and actually do the work it takes to change.

How do I know this is right for me?

How do I know this
is right for me?

Our application process is extensive. If you are invited to a Breakthrough Call, you can ask all the questions you want to ensure it's the right fit. We do not accept anyone into our program who feels it's not the ideal fit for them.

Will I be working with Zahara directly?

Will I be working
with Zahara directly?

Yes, depending on the program length you choose, you will have at least 6-12 personalized, live, one-on-one hours with Zahara, 6-12 live group somatic coaching calls, along with another 23 pre-recorded somatic-focused sessions.

Where is the program held? Do I need to be local?

Where is the program held?
Do I need to be local?

We make The Truth Catalyst Path as flexible as possible! We come to you, meaning you can be based anywhere in the world, using a computer in your home for the program.

The 4-month foundational somatic and trauma-informed foundational course is delivered via Kajabi. The one-to-one work with Zahara can be accessed via Zoom.

Is your method guaranteed to work?

Is your method
guaranteed to work?

We measure success based on whether or not a client feels some measure of change, healing, and has moved towards the goals they set at the beginning of our work. Every client comes to us with different goals and expectations at very different points in their healing journey and process.

99% of our clients have achieved the goals they set.  The client's success depends on their participation, willingness to do the work and contribute, openness, ability to move through unconscious resistance as it arises, and actually do what they came to do - change. Not everyone is willing to do that once they realize what is required of them, and resigning and quitting is easier. 

These are some of the reasons it's impossible to guarantee our work.