heal dysregulation

Creating a vision for your year is like creating a roadmap. If you’re feeling anxious, unsettled, dysregulated, or discombobulated, your roadmap might lead you into a ditch or down a dirt path into nowhere. Perhaps this had been your experience and why you’re not living the best version of your life (yet).

New Year Evolution Begins with Inner Peace & Connectedness

heal anxiety

Anxiety surges through the nervous system. Then you begin to feel symptoms you might not have realized could be attributed to anxiety; an increased heart rate, the breath speeds up or may become more shallow, you may feel stomach pain or nausea, or headaches. Then the mind joins the party and dives into a downward spiral of the past or future.

Transforming Trauma-Based Anxiety: 4 Actionable Tips

transforming trauma

All of us have a built-in, intuitive resilience reservoir that supplies us with the ability to rebound from trying circumstances. For some, this reservoir has run dry, so and we must somehow rejuvenate it. 

Trauma: a Portal for Transformation?


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