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All of us have a built-in, intuitive resilience reservoir that supplies us with the ability to rebound from trying circumstances. For some, this reservoir has run dry, so and we must somehow rejuvenate it. 


Trauma: a Portal for Transformation?


Buried traumas create wounds that scar us, prevent us from living our best lives, from thriving, and from shining brightly inside and out.

Healing Trauma

I Don’t Deserve My Trauma: Healing Collective & Intergenerational Suffering


Every human is born into a fragmented world filled with unhealed, undigested wounds, filled with trauma.

Healing Trauma

4 Simple Ways to Heal Collective Trauma

collective trauma


But recently, you've been frozen in fear, anxiety, indecision, anger, and overwhelm

you had me at wealth

The gnawing sense that your multi-million dollar annual income will vanish tomorrow...and you'll be left poverty-stricken and homeless like in childhood

The sinking, sickening sense that no matter how many zeros you add to your bank account, you'll never feel worthy of it, filled up by it, or like it means anything

The constant need to control your money, how you use it, spend it, share it, because you're not safe, and everything (your life, business, relationships) will fall apart if you don't)

You're an accomplished, successful leader...

and you're swirling in...

An embodied, somatic healing approach to entrepreneurial success

Begin by healing your earliest wealth and worth wounds