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Embodied self-care for cultivating inner wealth and wisdom 

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Mindfulness masterclass

5 days of mindfulness hacks and somatic embodiment practices straight to your inbox to help bring more peace, calm and presence into your daily life.


get your zen on


Somatic practices easily fit into daily routine

​Immediate mind-body connection

Rewrite negative thought patterns 

​Micro-moments of peace and mindfulness daily

Fresh tools to drop your mind, connect to your body

Somatic Mindfulness Course

through this course you'll be able to...

Harness and channel your internal well of self-love

Tune into your needs

Commit to change and growth in areas of self-love and healing

Set goals and vision for self-love for the next month 

Create your vision for cultivating self-love, conscious of your needs

Finding wealth in our life doesn't start with money. It begins internally, with how we feel about ourselves and how we treat ourselves. This short course can help you begin to fill yourself up with self-love even if your internal bank has been depleted and empty over the years...even if you have no idea where to start. 

Seeds of Self-Love

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when we cultivate self-love and self-worth, wealth begins to grow...

Healing Wealth Wounds

Repair and restore your somatically-stored money story, wounds, and mindset

Wealth is an inside job

Restore today

leave with...

Awareness of somatically-stored wealth wounds

​How your wealth and money history affect you today

What aspects of wealth and worth you want and need to heal

​How you're emotionally and physically affected by your wealth story

How deeply your early childhood experiences with wealth, worth, and money extend


​Reset your nervous system, reduce trauma triggers

​Rebuild trauma neural pathways, renegotiate connection to self

Somatic embodiment & mindfulness tools

Research-backed, trauma-informed practices

29 pages, 6 modules, 14 lessons

Trigger exploration + Trauma Awareness Journal

The Trauma Toolkit

get the toolkit

This toolkit will provide you with the foundational somatic awareness skills and knowledge to reduce your overwhelm, and live from a calm, present centered state of being so every aspect of your life and your business can begin to flow and expand

Brittany | Famous tech podcaster

Thank you for being a critical spiritual guide on my journal to financial abundance!

Zahara has divine knowledge. She doesn't say too much but when she does it's from the Universe. She's helped create a crack in my idea of what's possible financially.

Now I'm breaking through my limited ceiling. Today my company was awarded a $225k contract with the 8th largest pharma co in the world!

Kelley | self trust coach

I made more money last month than I could've ever dreamed

I cannot recommend this partnership enough. I made more money last month than I could've ever dreamed. And I can now trust that I am really good at it!

Estelle | Tech manager

"Confidence to land the dream job I had always wanted..."

I learned that part of the healing was reprogramming and learning new ways to talk to myself. This allowed me to regain self-worth, which gave me the confidence to land the dream job I had always wanted but never before felt I deserved.

M | Owner/Founder/entrepreneur

Now I can focus on growing the business and hitting my goal of $10M this's so freeing

All these changes are allowing me to be more creative in my business, which I haven't had for the longest time. It feels so good. And it's allowed me to let my partner to leave the business, which I couldn't before. Now, I can focus on growing the business and hitting my goal of $10M this year, which is what I want. It's so freeing.

J | Biz Owner

This program will pay itself back for years 

I was very apprehensive at first. I didn't want to spend the money, subconsciously stir up pain, but this is the best the I could've done. Now I've taken my power back. 

d | Manager 

I'm able to be my authentic self

Day-to-day situations in life and work  were wrecking my life before. Now I can drop into presence and just be. I have a freedom I've never had before. It's a completely new way of being.

Ready to transform

work with me

Yes! I'm so ready

the somatic & subconscious patterns blocking you from acsessing the levels of inner & outer wealth you so deeply desire?