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Creating a vision for your year is like creating a roadmap. If you’re feeling anxious, unsettled, dysregulated, or discombobulated, your roadmap might lead you into a ditch or down a dirt path into nowhere. Perhaps this had been your experience and why you’re not living the best version of your life (yet).

New Year Evolution Begins with Inner Peace & Connectedness


Connecting with one’s dharmic path is quite possibly the entire essence of existence, some might argue. Dharma is far more than what you are meant to do in this life; it is your true nature, your true North. Living your spiritual purpose, your dharma, can be considered a spiritual achievement. Some people are born keenly […]

How to Discover Your Dharma, or Life Purpose

Purpose-fueled life & work

Many of us are so busy wearing masks so we can play roles for others that we have lost touch with who we are and our purpose. Society tells us to sit down, follow the rules, and graciously accept the toys for which we spend our lives working. We are left to figure out how […]

How to Find & Live Purpose


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