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This was my lesson: toxic, stressful relationships in my life set off my autoimmune disease and caused me to get sick. I was not strong enough yet to say goodbye to him, and so I chose to remain weak and in pain. I chose physical and emotional suffering over solitude. It was my pattern, and I was conscious of it but I did not have the fortitude to break it.

Healing Trauma

The Benefits of Transforming Your Life

Transform trauma


But recently, you've been frozen in fear, anxiety, indecision, anger, and overwhelm

you had me at wealth

The gnawing sense that your multi-million dollar annual income will vanish tomorrow...and you'll be left poverty-stricken and homeless like in childhood

The sinking, sickening sense that no matter how many zeros you add to your bank account, you'll never feel worthy of it, filled up by it, or like it means anything

The constant need to control your money, how you use it, spend it, share it, because you're not safe, and everything (your life, business, relationships) will fall apart if you don't)

You're an accomplished, successful leader...

and you're swirling in...

An embodied, somatic healing approach to entrepreneurial success

Begin by healing your earliest wealth and worth wounds