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Life holds special meaning for people who are running towards their dream. In the process of working on your dreams, you are going to endure a lot of disappointment. Failures, pain, setbacks, and defeats. But in the process of doing that, you will discover incredible things about yourself. Most likely, you’ll realize that you’re more powerful than you could ever begin to imagine.  

Align yourself with people who will encourage you, empower you, and from whom you can learn and grow.

Dreams are funny; they can be fickle, moody, and unpredictable. They waver and change depending on how we feel day to day, what we are thinking moment to moment, or what life throws at us. What if we flipped the script, and we were the drivers of our life? What would your life look like if you had dominion over your mind-body connection, aware of your ultimate desires? How would your life’s script read?

Perhaps nothing is holding you back from your dreams except the fact that you simply are not in tune with what they are. You think you know what you dream, but these dreams are based on the elusive life you are living – completely based on external wants, needs, and desires. What about your inner authority? The “I” that ultimately matters? The part of you that exists beyond four walls and this material world, that has wisdom beyond what is physical? 

Has that part of you spoken? Do you know what your Truth – for lack of a better word – dreams? It’s ok if you don’t. There are some ways you can touch this place inside, to a degree. You likely have, but it’s not easy on our own without a guide.

6 Steps to Design Your Dream Life

1. Practices to Connect with Your Inner Truth

Meditation of any kind – Silent seated, visualizations, walking, etc, will help shut out the noise in your head, your ego. Quieting down the external world is a phenomenal way to begin to connect with yourself. 

Yoga asana – I can’t say enough about yoga. I have practiced for twenty years, primarily vinyasa and ashtanga. Ashtanga yoga saved me and was transformative for me – a critical foundation to my life for many years, but also hard on my body. This was my own experience and everyone has their own. I wholeheartedly respect and honor the practice, and I miss it every day. I practice vinyasa still whenever I feel.

Dancing – Dancing is one of the most freeing and outrageously fun practices. It’s a time when you can let go and touch base with yourself. Close your eyes, let the music take over, be, and see what happens. The deeper you go, the more truth surfaces, the more you will find you connect with your dreams.

Cycling, walking, running – More connection with nature, more movement, more feeling.

2. Clarify Your Vision

As you clear the mental fog and chatter, what visions begin to surface? What do your dreams look like? 

Visualizations – What areas in your life are you looking to change right now? Do you want to buy a house? Do you want a new job? Make more money? Start a business? Start with one major life area, and visualize what your life will look like when that thing you want happens. Work that visualization into your meditation. 

Affirmations – Write down 2-3 affirmations to repeat every day after your meditation and visualizations.

3. Move Past Your Fears

Along with your dream, write down all of your fears. Are they life-threatening, or mind-based fears that have practical solutions?  

If you are stuck in fear, fear-not. This is normal, we are all caught in fear, to a degree. Some of us have deep wounds or trauma – very deep, or more superficial. None of that matters, wounds from our childhood and early adulthood imprint on our personality and body, affecting us in unconscious ways. We cannot always or easily say, “Right, I’m gonna just slay this shit and move past it because I want to,” even if intellectually we can grip the concept of what may have happened to us.

If you would like to work on emotional or physical “stuff” that you are aware of, The Truth Catalyst Method is a great way forward. Also, if you have no idea if you’ve been affected by your past, but you know that life is a struggle, particularly physically or emotionally, this method can be the answer when nearly every other technique has failed.

4. Take Steps Today


Today might be the day you need to start meditation and affirmations – and these are your practical steps. Or, maybe you need to take a look at your finances to see how far away you are from buying your dream house and put together a budget to determine how long you need to save to afford that house. Perhaps you scour the internet to research global destinations for your new location independent lifestyle. Maybe it’s as simple as introducing some biohacking methods into your life so you are at optimal health to prime your mind-body-spirit for the journey.

5. Reduce Toxic Relationships

This is one of the most challenging things to do. Maybe you don’t have any relationships in your sphere which drain your energy, contribute negativity to your vibration, or make you feel horrible, but I’m pretty sure at one point or another, all of us do. Sometimes they are blood family, sometimes they are lifelong friends, sometimes new friends. Often these dynamics are an opportunity for us to practice boundaries, non-violent communication, and plain ‘ole life. At the end of the day, though, it’s important to ask one’s self, “Is this relationship contributing equally to my spirit and path as I am to theirs, and do I gain as much positivity as I do toxicity out of it?”

The more we are surrounded with people on the path to living their dreams, supporting one another, boosting spirits, encouraging and empowering one another, the more empowered and encouraged we become.  

6. Take One Step Today!

Today’s step might just be reading this article, for you, or practicing some of the suggestions from the article. Also, consider joining The Truth Catalyst Tribe. One small step, each and every day, adds up to designing the life of your dreams.

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